Monday, September 30, 2013

Blaupunkt New York 830

This is what I got in terms of "deal" when bought new Honda Civic. I just asked to add twitters and they installed it for half price.

eBay says I can buy this 830 unit for EUR 650 (3,200 ILS). Honda sell it for EUR 1,700 (8,200 ILS) including instalation of course. But anyway, more than twice more. This is purchase "gift".

Few issues that I'm aware of:
- Stearing wheel buttons not working when ignitions is off.
- Sometimes mic stops working for calls. Solution - go to settings and select it again.
- At night it is not dims screen.
- Also there are gaps between sontg in MP3 playback from CD and flash drive via USB.

The booklet that you can find at Honda.

Installed in my car

Operational Manual (includes connection diagram).

Update (2015-01-26)
In Israel Blaupunkt has service partner company Ledico that imports, sale and repair their multimedia products.


Here is manufactures's page, most features shown here:

Platform: iGo primo

Technology: Digital
Type: TFT
Screen size: 6.2"
Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
Touchscreen: Yes
Brightness adjustable: Yes (bright, normal, dark, night)
Display switch off: Yes (off after 10 or 20sec selectable)
Clock display: 24 / 12 hours
Date display: Yes
Wallpaper options: Black, blue, red, green, orange
Wallpaper / Picture upload: via Micro-SD
Radio system languages: English (British), German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish (Navigation: 27 languages, see Navigation)

Type of tuner: Analogue receiver
World tuner (switchable): Yes (Europe, OIRT, Americas, Asia, Japan)
Wave bands: FM1, FM2, FM3, AM1 (MW), AM2 (LW)
Radio Data System (RDS): Alternative Frequencies (AF), Clock Time (CT), Enhanced Other Networks (EON), Programme Service Name (PS), Programme Types (PTY), Radio Text (RT), Traffic Announcement (TA), Traffic Programme (TP)
Travelstore: Yes (FM1, FM2, FM3)
Search via frequency: Yes
Station memory: 30
Sensitivity: lo/dx
Frequency response (Hz) -3dB: 30 – 15.000

DVD:  DVD, +/-R, +/-RW, -ROM
DVD regional code: Code 2 (default setting)
Type disc-drive: Automatic loading
Shock proof memory: Yes (CD/DVD)
Frequency response (Hz) -3dB: 20 – 20.000
USB-removable storage: USB 2.0 compatible
Memory cards: SDHC (up to 32 GB), SD, MMC
Formatting USB, SDHC, SD, MMC: FAT, FAT 32
Micro-SD: Navigation / Picture upload

Track up / down: Yes
Fast forward / fast rewind: Yes (x2, x4, x8, x20)
Repeat chapter / title: Yes
Play / pause / stop / resume: Yes
Chapter skip: Yes
Chapter search: Yes
Last position memory: Yes
Root menu: Yes
Setup: Yes
Title menu: Yes
Sub-titles: Yes
Audio language: Yes
Zoom: Yes
Angle: Yes

Video playback formats: AVI, MP4, MPEG, MPG, Xvid
DivX® video format: DivX Certified® to play DivX® video, including premium content
Video from MSD: Yes (USB, SDHC, SD, MMC)
Picture playback formats: JPEG, JPG
Audio playback formats: MP3, WMA
MP3 Title display: ID3-tag (versions 1 and 2), file names, folder names
MP3 folder/file browsing: Yes (without playback interruption)
MP3 file search: Yes, by track number
Criteria browsing: Yes, for iPod/iPhone
Album art display: Yes, for iPod/iPhone
Mix: Yes (all, folder)
Repeat: Yes (all, folder, track)
Fast forward / fast rewind: Yes (x2, x4, x8, x20)
CD text: Yes
Number of files: 1.500 by directory Bit rate MP3: 32 – 320 kBit/s
Bit rate WMA: 32 – 192 kBit/s
Variable bit rates: Yes

Direct control via USB (Made for iPod, iPhone)
Front USB, rear USB (simultaneously)
iPod video via USB-A/V cable
Supported iPod generations:
iPod touch (4th generation)
iPod touch (3rd generation)
iPod touch (2nd generation
iPod touch (1st generation)
iPod classic
iPod with video
iPod nano (7th generation
iPod nano (6th generation)
iPod nano (5th generation
iPod nano (4th generation)
iPod nano (3rd generation)
iPod nano (2nd generation)
iPod nano (1st generation)
Supported iPhone generations:
iPhone 5
iPhone 4S
iPhone 4
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 3G

Module: Parrot FC6000
Supported version: Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR
Supported profiles: HFP, PBAP, A2DP, AVRCP
Audio streaming: Yes
Pairing (number of devices): 3
Pairing code: 1234 (default, changeable)
Hands-free calling: Yes, via microphone + radio speakers
Microphones: 2 (built-in + external rear microphone)
Key functions: Accept call, hang up call, reject call, redialling
Phone book access: Yes, download up to 1.000 entries by paired phone
Auto phone book synchronisation: Yes
2nd call handling (call wait / call hold): Yes
History call lists: Missed, dialled, received calls

Video: Yes
Audio: Yes
Sources: DVD, VCD, CD, SDHC, SD, MMC, USB 1, USB 2, AV-IN 1, AV-IN 2

Camera video input: Yes (RCA)
Automatic display switch: Yes (on/off via reverse gear signal)

Number of bands: 3
Model: parametric
Type: analogue
Bass / mid / treble: Yes (+/- 14 steps)
Low pass filter: Yes (60/80/100/200 Hz)
Mid pass filter: Yes (0,5/1,0/1,5/2,5 kHz)
High pass filter: Yes (10/12,5/15/17,5 kHz)
Variable subwoofer gain: Yes (24 steps)
Variable subwoofer frequency: Yes (80/120/160 Hz)
Dynamic bass boost: Yes
Sound presets: Rock, Pop, Classic, Jazz, Techno, Flat, Optimal, User
Balance: Yes (+/- 24 steps)
Fader: Yes (+/- 24 steps)
Source specific volume: Yes (DVD, USB, SDHC, Radio, Bluetooth, AV-IN 1, AV-IN 2, Navigation, iPod)

Number of chanels: 4
Max. power (Watt): 4 x 50
Sinus power at 14,4 V (Watt): 4 x 22

Antenna: 3 (Radio, GPS, TMC)
USB 1: Front USB (standard A-type)
USB 2: Rear USB (standard A-type)
iPod/iPhone: Direct control via USB 1/2
Front memory card reader 1: SDHC, SD, MMC
Front memory card reader 2: Micro SD (navigation)
AV-IN 1: Front A/V (3.5 mm jack, 0,5V)
AV-IN 2: Rear A/V (RCA, 0,5V)
Rear view camera: Yes (RCA)
Reverse gear signal: Yes
Handbrake signal: Yes
External hand-free microphone: yes (3.5 mm jack, rear)
IR remote control: Yes (IR-eye in front panel)
Steering wheel remote control: Yes (SWC, rear, analogue, 3.5 mm jack, programmable via menu)
Power supply: Yes (ISO, flying cable heads)

Rear Video 1: RCA, composite
Rear Video 2: RCA, composite
Rear Audio: RCA
Preamp-out: 4-channel, RCA, 2V
Subwoofer: RCA
Audio channels: ISO, flying cable heads

Installation: 2-DIN
Operating voltage: 12V (10,5 – 16V)
Weight: 2,73 kg
Depth (incl. panel + connector): 180,9 mm
Depth (installation depth): 165,2 mm
Width: 178 mm
Height: 100 mm
Front panel: fixed
Colour: black
Key illumination: white
Disc slot illumination: white
Volume encoder illumination: red (radio off) / blue (radio on)
Demo mode: Yes, for navigation application

User manual*:15 languages
Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish
* Extended navigation manual by language (above mentioned languages plus Czech and Slovakian) available soon under
IR remote control: Yes (incl. battery)
Micro SD card: Yes (4GB, navigation pre-installed)
TMC tuner: Yes
GPS antenna: Yes
External hands-free microphone: Yes
Trim ring: Yes
Mounting frame: Yes        
Mounting material: Yes
Connector cable set 1: Power (ISO A) / Speakers (ISO B) / Camera, Reverse signal, Handbrake signal, SWC (ISO C)
Connector cable set 2: Preamp-/Sub-out, A/V-in/-out 2 (RCA)
Connector cable set 3: Video-out 1 (RCA)
Fixed rear pigtail cables: Hands-free microphone (3.5 mm jack), TMC input (3.5 mm jack), Radio antenna input, USB (standard A-type), iPod Video-in

4,250 km | 0Y 3M

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Original Radio

As I got multimedia "for free" at purchase, Honda surprised me when they say that original radio I will get too. That was really nice of them.

This is how original radio looks like in Sport version of new Civic.
Image source:
And this is how it looks uninstalled.

Already packed it for sale :-)

4,250 km | 0Y 3M

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Keyfob wearout

Left is the key that I use for almost 3 month and got this noticable wear on Honda logo. Right is second key that never used.

Normal use. Usually in a pocket while going to car and on shelf at home and at work.
Why so bad, Honda? WHY???

Honda well known for motors, so this is trivial things...
I will compare a lot with Skoda Fabia (European vs Japanese) in this blog in such things, usability, materials, etc.

Update (2013-09-29)
And here is almost 3 years old standard VAG car keyfob from my Skoda Fabia. Shines like a new :-)

Update (2013-10-30)
From a friend. 4 month old...

4,200 km | 0Y 3M

Rear parking sensors

In Israel Honda setup parking sensors locally. Here is what they install.

The control unit sits under rear trim in the trunk.

The control unit box connected to +12V and ground, to outside sensors on bumper and long wire goes to display above rear mirror inside.

This is a display that they put above rear mirror. Buzzer, left/right side indication with metering.

And sensor painted in car color. Old mushroom style, not flat ones like modern original sensors come from factory.

You don't want to know why I know what and HOW installed parking assist in my Honda, but... stay tuned.

4,200 km | 0Y 3M

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Honda manufacturing in Swindon

From vehicle VIN SHHFK2840DUxxxxxx I know that my new Civic was build in Swindon, UK.
Few videos.

More on YouTube search:

4,150 km | 0Y3M

Insurance from Honda (Meir Ramot)

Honda, as other brands, offer their nice insurance offer for owners.
I got a call at 23rd of June from their insurance representative Maya. She offered me this for new Civic.

This is close to what I have from Skoda Fabia, I just froze Fabia's police after I sold it and activated same on new Civic for extra 261 ILS. I choose to stay with Phoenix (Elifim agency) policy until next year.

Summary (with difference to Fabia's):
- 3rd party coverage: 600,000 ILS (mine is 1,071,571 ILS)
- trial expenses: 20,000 ILS (mine 29,938 ILS)
- free windshield replacement and windows
- free towing
- replacement car from first date of accident or stolen or total loss
- free fuel coverage (if you ran empty)
- free  tire puncture fix
- free coverage of accessories up to 7.5% of car value
- total loss is loss of at least 48% of car value (mine 50%)
- deductible amount of 990 ILS (mine 1,000 ILS) if below 10,000 ILS and 1.5% (mine 1.0%) if more

Liability insurance cost 1,465 ILS (mine 1,462 ILS)
Comprehensive is 3,250 ILS (mine 3,565 ILS)

Insurance terms:
- single driver above 30+ years old
- driver's experience 1+ year

4,150 km | 0Y 3M

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Vehicle license 2013

Here is how license looks like for new Civic.

4,150 km | 0Y 3M

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Trunk lid

Noticed on underground parking that fifth door opens high enough to touch communications that goes under ceiling.

These pictures from parking at local supermarket.

4,000 km | 0Y 3M

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Multitronics dump

Today I was checking Multitronics VC731 journals.
I device took it from Skoda Fabia and connected on Honda Civic. But instead of putting it on dashboard somewhere, I sits inside glove compartment.

Since it was connected, it collected 3,240 km.

Time: 96:08
Kilometers: 3,240.972
Total fuel: 266.764 liters
Average speed: 33.7 km/h
Average consumption: 8.2 liters/100 km (12.2 kilometers/liter)

In traffic (speed below 20 km/h)
Time: 42:57
Kilometers: 225.908
Total fuel: 64.312 liters
Average speed: 5.3 km/h
Average consumption: 28.5 liters/100 km (3.5 kilometers/liter)
Average consumption: 1.5 liters/hour

Not in traffic (speed above 20 km/h)
Time: 53:10
Kilometers: 3,015.064
Total fuel: 202.452 liters
Average speed: 56.7 km/h
Average consumption: 6.7 liters/100 km (14.9 kilometers/liter)

4,000 km | 0Y 3M

ScanMaster and ELM327

This is what you can get with $15 ELM adapter and ScanMaster-ELM.
Software can be found on internet or demo version at VGSoft or from me. And adapter on eBay.

This is connection screen.

And this is the report from ScanMaster-ELM.
OBD-II Diagnostic Report

Vehicle Information (Mode 09)
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
No data reported by car
Calibration Identifications (CALID)
Calibration Verification Numbers (CVN)
In-use Performance Tracking (IPT)
OBD Monitoring Conditions Encountered Counts122
Ignition Cycle Counter453
Catalyst Monitor Completion Counts Bank 184
Catalyst Monitor Conditions Encountered Counts Bank 1122
Catalyst Monitor Completion Counts Bank 20
Catalyst Monitor Conditions Encountered Counts Bank 20
O2 Sensor Monitor Completion Counts Bank 1164
O2 Sensor Monitor Conditions Encountered Counts Bank 1122
O2 Sensor Monitor Completion Counts Bank 20
O2 Sensor Monitor Conditions Encountered Counts Bank 20
EGR Monitor Completion Condition Counts250
EGR Monitor Conditions Encountered Counts122
AIR Monitor Completion Condition Counts (Secondary Air)21845
AIR Monitor Conditions Encountered Counts (Secondary Air)21845
EVAP Monitor Completion Condition Counts0
EVAP Monitor Conditions Encountered Counts0
Secondary O2 Sensor Monitor Completion Counts Bank 10
Secondary O2 Sensor Monitor Conditions Encountered Counts Bank 10
Secondary O2 Sensor Monitor Completion Counts Bank 20
Secondary O2 Sensor Monitor Conditions Encountered Counts Bank 20
ECU Name

System Status (Mode 01)
OBD Type
Trouble Codes
MIL StatusOff
Number of DTCs0
Continuous Monitoring tests
Fuel SystemSupportedComplete
Comprehensive ComponentsSupportedComplete
non-Continuous Monitoring tests
Heated CatalystNot Supported
Evaporative SystemNot Supported
Secondary Air SystemNot Supported
A/C System RefrigerantNot Supported
Oxygen SensorSupportedComplete
Oxygen Sensor HeaterSupportedComplete
EGR SystemSupportedComplete
Fuel System Status
Fuel System 1 Statusclosed loop
Fuel System 2 StatusNot Reported

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (Mode 03, 07, 0A)

Stored Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) (Mode 03)
No Trouble Codes
Pending Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) (Mode 07)
No Trouble Codes
Permanent Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) (Mode 0A)
No Trouble Codes

Freeze Frame Data (Mode 02)
There is no data available.

Location of Oxygen Sensors
Location of Oxygen SensorsState
Bank 1 - Sensor 1Present
Bank 1 - Sensor 2Present
Bank 1 - Sensor 3Not Present
Bank 1 - Sensor 4Not Present
Bank 2 - Sensor 1Not Present
Bank 2 - Sensor 2Not Present
Bank 2 - Sensor 3Not Present
Bank 2 - Sensor 4Not Present

Oxygen Sensor Test Results (Mode 05)

Bank 1 - Sensor 1
$00 - No test data available
Bank 1 - Sensor 2
$00 - No test data available

Monitored Test Results (Mode 06)

TID $80, CID $18 - Values defined by manufacturer10,00,090,0Pass
TID $87, CID $05 - Values defined by manufacturer0,0380,0000,250Pass
TID $84, CID $00 - Values defined by manufacturer-1,672-2,172-0,500Pass
TID $85, CID $00 - Values defined by manufacturer0,6660,6640,000Fail
TID $9D, CID $18 - Values defined by manufacturer0,0430,0000,415Pass
TID $9E, CID $05 - Values defined by manufacturer0,7320,05065,535Pass
TID $A1, CID $18 - Values defined by manufacturer0,0000,0003,000Pass
TID $D0, CID $18 - Values defined by manufacturer0,0000,0000,040Pass
TID $D1, CID $05 - Values defined by manufacturer0,0420,0061,999Pass
TID $D2, CID $00 - Values defined by manufacturer101,0033,00327,67Pass
TID $0B, CID $18 - Values defined by manufacturer0065535Pass
TID $0C, CID $05 - Values defined by manufacturer0065535Pass
TID $0B, CID $18 - Values defined by manufacturer0065535Pass
TID $0C, CID $05 - Values defined by manufacturer0065535Pass
TID $0B, CID $18 - Values defined by manufacturer0065535Pass
TID $0C, CID $05 - Values defined by manufacturer0065535Pass
TID $0B, CID $18 - Values defined by manufacturer0065535Pass
TID $0C, CID $05 - Values defined by manufacturer0065535Pass

Live Data (Mode 01)

03 - Fuel System Status
Fuel System 1closed loop-2,002,002,00
Fuel System 2Not Reported-0,000,000,00
04 - Calculated Load Value28%26,6727,7828,63
05 - Engine Coolant Temperature60°C59,0059,5060,00
06 - Short Term Fuel Trim - Bank 1-3,1%-3,13-2,88-2,34
07 - Long Term Fuel Trim - Bank 1-3,9%-3,91-3,91-3,91
0B - Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure28kPa28,0028,6329,00
0C - Engine RPM799rpm789,00805,47821,00
0D - Vehicle Speed0km/h0,000,000,00
0E - Ignition Timing Advance for #1 Cylinder17°14,5015,6118,00
0F - Intake Air Temperature39°C39,0039,0039,00
10 - Air Flow Rate2,74g/s2,602,712,82
11 - Absolute Throttle Position13,3%13,3313,3313,33
15 - Bank 1 - Sensor 2
Oxygen Sensor Output Voltage0,810V0,810,830,84
Short Term Fuel Trim-3,1%-3,12-2,88-2,34
1F - Time Since Engine Start00:05:10-0,000,000,00
21 - Distance Travelled While MIL is Activated0km0,000,000,00
2C - Commanded EGR0,0%0,000,000,00
2D - EGR Error0,0%0,000,000,00
2E - Commanded Evaporative Purge0,0%0,000,000,00
30 - Number of warm-ups since diagnostic trouble codes cleared183-183,00183,00183,00
31 - Distance since diagnostic trouble codes cleared3756km3756,003756,003756,00
33 - Barometric Pressure99kPa99,0099,0099,00
34 - Bank 1 - Sensor 1 (wide range O2S)
Equivalence Ratio (lambda)0,996-0,990,991,01
Oxygen Sensor Current0,008mA-0,020,020,03
3C - Catalyst Temperature Bank 1, Sensor 1337,6°C332,00334,83337,60
42 - Control module voltage14,350V14,3514,3914,43
43 - Absolute Load Value18,8%17,6518,3719,22
44 - Commanded Equivalence RatioNO DATA-0,990,991,01
45 - Relative Throttle PositionNO DATA%2,352,352,35
47 - Absolute Throttle Position B30,6%30,5930,5930,59
49 - Accelerator Pedal Position D19,6%19,6119,7220,00
4A - Accelerator Pedal Position E9,8%9,809,809,80
4C - Commanded Throttle Actuator Control2,4%2,352,572,75

Update (2013-10-05)
While making some searches about these adapters I found better options (also more expensive).
STN1110 is successor of ELM327. But STN1170 more interesting :-) Looking for cheap maker and going to order in near future.

Interesting links: (Russian)

4,000 km | 0Y 3M