Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bumper Scratch

Okay, bumper, you just not lucky...

While I was in army since 8th of July at operation Protective Edge driving my Mercedes Benz

Two things happened.

First, puncture...

Car was standing on this empty week for about 10 days. Not a big thing. I've came at night to take it, replaced with spare tyre and went home. With air compressor I've pumped it to 1 psi just to get rid of flat tyre until I go to tyre shop.

And second thing, bumper.
I was mobilized to army at 8th of July for Protective Edge operation in Gaza. I parked my Civic near my army base in Tirat ha-Carmel in Haifa 8th at night. Next day in morning some bitch scratched my bumper and drove away!

That is what I found after a week when I came to take my car to another army base in Ramle.

I think it was a woman (because of long hair on video) on Isuzu D-Max, reg. 93-890-13.

I filed "hit and run" report at police about this accident ("Paga ve Barakh").
Will update...

Update (2014-07-27)
The report I've left at the police station in Netanya

They took it and gave me details of the Isuzu: Yakov Maliach company from 4 HaTe'ena St, Elyakhin (not far from Netanya).
מס' רכב 93-890-13
מסוג איסוזו
שייך לחברת: יעקב מליח חיי בע”מ
ח.פ. 511340010
כתובת: אליכין, רח' התאנה 4, מיקוד 38908

I gave that information to my insurance agent. He called them and gave me phone number of contact person to whom I should send recorded video.

Update (2014-07-30)
I called to the company and send video to
They didn't find any collisions between two cars! I asked if they hear any sound at 5th second, they haven't speakers so we ended on that they will watch it again with sound... 

Few notes from the conversations with them:
1. They thought it accident was in Tel Aviv and she said that car has tracking system Ituran and on that day and time it was in Haifa. Bingo! Exactly where it happend :-)
2. The driver, Dina, told that she is volontier in Police for 6 years and never in her life did anything like that. I called her lier.

To be continued.
Part 2 of the story.

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