Thursday, March 12, 2015

Honda Civic 2015 New Tail Optical Lens

New 2015 Civic got new optical tail lights... and logo... :-)

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Reverse Light LED Tuning

I plan to replace every regular bulb to LED in my Honda.
No plans to make xmass tree or cheap looking tuning. I want nice looking LEDs for my car.

First, I replaced license plate and glovebox bulbs to leds. Better look. By the way, WTF bulb in glovebox not always working but only when sidelights are on? When you open it at late evening or at night is fucking scary dark there. Honda why? I remember in Skoda Fabia it always on when you open it - that's right. And even more, it was turned off if you forget to close it for more that like 10-20 mins. My next car definitely will be european car... :-)

Original is W16W lamp made by Toshiba (from Japan).

Meet the lamps from $5 each.
And do not repeat my mistake, get these in white or silver housing, you will see why later :-)

Bigass top LED and 15 x 5050 SMDs.

To fit the lamp you will need to sand a little, because housing is 10.2mm and LED bottom was 11.4mm.
Like me, I got recently ordered for housework Dremel 3000 2 days ago.

Notice where to sand by arrows.

Also, in the housing at the bottom there are 2 small plastic pins made to stop pushing normal bulb. Crack them. Even if you will return old bulbs, it will be fine - there is sort of locking mechanism with metal contacts anyway for them.

After that I went to the car to check it.
Coooool. More light, less power.

Regular lamp after about a minute has surface temperature about 130 C.
Measured not in place, ventilated. I don't think you use reverse gear for long time, but it gets hot inside for sure.

Led after a minute is around 60 C. Cool, hah?

Regular lamp is transparent and barely visible.

But black LED is fu... I recommend you to get white or silver housing.

Both old bulb and LED.

LED measured current was 0.27A for not running car that is about 12V.
It more like 5W than 7W as eBay seller described, will talk to him.

29,250 km | 1Y 7M

Monday, March 2, 2015