Monday, May 26, 2014

Fuel Consumption (Mileage)

All my records available at Spritmonitor -

Full tank capacity is 50 liters.

Fuel gauge decoded here - fuel gauge.

Fuel consumption diagram

Some interesting analysis.
Average Speed vs. Fuel Consumption

Other's Honda Civics Mk9

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

First bumber scratch, ouch

It was my colleague from work. Woman, ~60 years old...
She said will pay.

Her Hyundai I30 also damaged a bit. She was parking in reverse and... shit.

So next day I went to Honda in Netanya to check what they can offer to fix it.

First, they suggest not painting part of the bumper but paint it all.
1200 NIS. They tool car at morning, paint in some outside shop and return by evening.

I was curious if we can replace bumper.
Yes, 5,420 NIS. Look closely, they order generic bumper and paint in your color.

So I asked, if it possible to order bumper in my color? :-)
6,660 NIS

I was also checking recommendations from friends and find a good place in new industrial zone near car audio workshop "Radio Bla Bla".
He asked 600 NIS for all work, will paint only right part of the bumper. Color matching done by computer.

I'm still thinking should I fix it or not...

Update (2014-06-10)
Also recommended (from insurance agent) repairs shop in Kfar Saba, Yakov Berman 052-220-7700.

Got a check from lady, not yet repaired. And don't think I'll fix that now.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

15K service

First service I did at Erez Pratiot in Haifa for few reasons: I was there in that day and I don't want to spent a cent for Honda in Netanya, only by emergency maybe.

Labor: 263.38 NIS, almost 0.9 hour by reglament.
1. 15400-RBA-F01 Oil filter: 117.8 NIS
2. 94109-14000 Washer: 3.98 NIS
3. 08232-P99G-4LHE - oil Honda HFS 5W-40, 4L: 244.99 NIS

Total: -630 NIS. If you want generic oil from barrel, it should be 580 NIS but I did not recommend it.

They also did general checks of all systems.

And don't forget stamp in car book!

Overall impression - good, but expensive.
I got from Russia:
1. Oil filters 15400-PLM-A01 (made in USA) and 15400-RTA-003 (made in Japan) for $7 each
2. Washers 94109-14000: $0.5

Also, after technician finished work, he passes car to master that also checks oil level. And as I asked do not fill all 4 liters, they added a note in the paper. And said that in Civics they fill to more than maximum level for "some" reason.

We also swapped front and rear tires. While driving from Haifa back home I got warning. So I stopped the car on shoulder and went out to check all 4 tires. Nothing was wrong.
Strange that it detected that not right after change but when I drove about 30 km. Not reliable system as it was on VAG cars, as I think. Reinitialise system and you good to go.

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Wiper blade rubbers


I got recently delivery of new rubbers for all 3 wipers from Russia.
Interesting fact, that front right rubber is overpriced for no reason.

#16. 76622-STK-A02 - Rubber blade, front left, 650mm ~$8
#17. 76622-TV0-E02 - Rubber blade, front right, 450mm ~$22

#2. 76632-TA0-A02 - Rubber blade, rear, 475mm ~$6

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Tire Puncture and Compressor

Yepp... Recently I got puncture. On Saturday we went to the sea at Netanya center and after we drove home I heard "that clicking sound". It come from front, so I pull steering wheel full right and look through window - and we got puncture.

Nothing special. Tire looks fully inflated. I took a bottle of water and pour a bit on this screw. No air bubbles, so I left car rest till tomorrow when I drove to my fancy tire shop - CheckUp.

The reason I wrote this post is that I saw there cheapest air compressor that for that money everyone should have. Funny thing that the owner of compressor usually use it.. to help others and rarely to himself :-)
Anyway. For 55 NIS you can buy there great quality product. No fast, but once it can hep you to get to nearest tire shop to get help.

Some brakes photos for reference.

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