Monday, October 6, 2014

Android on Civic

According to Engadget and Nvidia blogs, next 2015 Civic will get Android on board as standard equipment (Israel hello? :-). Nvidia here for Tegra CPU.

Also I want to note promising technology called MirrorLink. Sounds awesome!
The CCC is a global collaboration to develop smartphone-based connected-car solutions. CCC members have created MirrorLink – a technology standard for controlling a nearby smartphone from the steering wheel or via dashboard buttons and screens.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

2012 Civic Frequently Asked Questions

Some great PDFs in one day. Thanks to
Now is Service News (Issue 29) with 2012 Civic Frequently Asked Questions.

Full document available here for download.

Some interesting I found below.

Q: Why does the car beep when I press the accelerator pedal?
A: When the speed limiter (LIM) is active, using almost full throttle (long accelerator pedal travel) will over-ride the system. The beep is to warn you that the speed limiter will not be active while this pedal position is maintained.

Q: Why did my ACC switch itself off?
A: The ACC will switch itself off if the VSA is activated or if there is no target for extended periods. It should only be used in highway traffic and in good weather conditions.

Q: Why is there a difference between the displayed speed I set for ACC and Speed Limiter and my displayed current speed?
A: Small fluctuations will sometimes occur at hills, on different road surfaces or wind conditions. Usually this will only be ±1mph/kph. The speed is allowed to fluctuate slightly to save fuel. Occasionally the speed will over read by 1mph/kph, this is because the speed meter will round up to the next value if the speed reading is in-between two values.

Q: Why does my idle stop not work and it says ‘A/C’ (air conditioning)?
A: ‘A/C’ does not just mean air conditioning; the symbol is used to mean anything to do with the climate control computer. There are many reasons why the climate control will prevent idle stop from occurring. These include having the temperature set to maximum hot, minimum cold or if the front screen defrost/demist mode is selected. The further the actual cabin temperature is from the chosen setting, the less likely the climate control will allow idle stop.

Q: When I leave my house in the morning, for the first 10 minutes of the journey the idle stop will not function and a warning comes up saying the reason is A/C, but even with the A/C button switched off I get the same warning?
A: When the cabin temperature is too high or too low, the engine coolant temperature is too low, or the cabin humidity is too high, the idle stop will not be allowed to function because of ‘A/C’. In stop-start traffic, the load on the engine is very low so it may take a long while for the coolant to warm up enough to allow idle stop. If the customer would prefer the vehicle to idle stop rather than have a comfortable cabin temperature or condensation on the windows, it is possible to switch off the  climate control and idle stop will be allowed sooner.

Q: How can I warm up the car quicker?
A: The Civic has very economical engines, which by their very nature do not waste much energy turning fuel into heat. At idle, it can take a long time for the engine coolant to warm up. The engine will get warmer quicker when driving and the engine is under load. By using the ‘AUTO’ function, set at the normal comfortable temperature (normally 19 – 23) the climate control will optimise settings to provide the quickest warm-up. There is no need to change the temperature to ‘HI’. This will just prevent idle stop and blow a higher volume of colder air, initially making the customer colder rather than warmer.

Q: How can I cool down the car quicker?
A: By using the ‘AUTO’ function set at the normal comfortable temperature (normally 19-23) the climate control will optimise settings to provide the quickest cool-down. There is no need to change the temperature to ‘LO’. This will just prevent idle stop.

Q: When in ‘ECON ON’ mode the cabin doesn’t feel as comfortable as ‘ECON OFF’ mode.
A: When in economy mode, the cabin temperature is allowed to rise slightly higher before the air conditioning is switched on. The blower fan output is also reduced to decrease the current draw from the electrical system.

Q: Why does the reason for an Idle Stop auto restart display before the car actually restarts and not during or after the restart?
A: Unfortunately there is a patent that prohibits Honda from showing the reason for an auto restart during or after the event. Honda’s system displays the reason for 6 seconds before the engine starts cranking.

Q: Why does A/C prohibit Idle Stop?
A: A/C settings have been designed to keep the occupants of the car as comfortable as possible. The heater controller calculates sun angle, cabin temperature, humidity and sun intensity to optimise the length of Idle Stop against cabin comfort (or windows misting).

Q: How long do I need to press the start switch to start the engine?
A: The start switch only needs a brief press. After releasing the button the engine will continue to crank until the engine starts. If the vehicle is out of fuel or there is an engine issue, the vehicle will crank for approximately 20 seconds. If the engine doesn’t start in this time it will stop cranking, the user will then need to press the start switch again to start the engine.

Q: Why, when the engine is running and I press the start switch will the car not turn off?
A: If the car has automatic transmission, the gear selector must be in park for the car to be switched off (same as a vehicle with normal key). If there is a problem with the vehicle speed sensors, or there is an onboard computer failure, for safety the start switch needs to be pressed three times or held for a
few seconds. This will then switch off the engine and engage the electronic steering lock.

Q: Why, when I turn the engine off and lock the car is there a high pitched noise coming from the engine bay? (Now I know!)
A: The noise is coming from the Engine Gas Recirculation valve (EGR) cycling open and closed. This action prevents build-up of soot on the valve, prolonging the life of the part.

Q: The HSA (Hill Start Assist) system was holding the car on a slope for me, then after a while the system released the brakes, is the system functioning correctly?
A: Yes, the HSA system will hold the car on a slope for a maximum duration of 2.5 seconds. This should give the driver enough time to swap their foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal to drive off.

Q: Why does the HSA system not release the brakes when I try to drive off on a slope? I know from experience that the clutch and accelerator positions were at the right point to hold the car on that particular slope.
A: The HSA system will not release the brakes until it senses that the engine has developed sufficient torque to drive off. The clutch and accelerator pedal positions need to travel further.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Wind Noise From Door Mirror Area

I got 2 friends that has complaints about wind noise from door near mirrors.
One of them sent me today official bulletin with this problem found on Civinfo
Honda Service Bulletin SM-08-006-00 - Civic 5D - Wind Noise From Door Mirror Area

It can be missing foam

Or excessive clearance at the mirror fixing point

All instructions in the PDF above.

Also, there is a nice post with same problem.
Guy mention there newer TSBs: SM-08-006-01 (2014-06-13) and SM-08-006-02 (2014-09-22)

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Discount for next service

Got this card somewhere in August. Arrived in my mail box.
Personally signed by Roman. Sweet!

If service will cost 630 NIS ($170) so it cas be good option with 150 NIS ($40) discount.

I will think about visiting them next time.
I saw the wall inside shop whole in awards of best Honda service shop of the year something. From 2007 till 2013. Worth to check :-)
Image from Internets, not related to the garage.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bumper Scratch continued (part 2)

Start of the story here.

I was today at police station regarding my case.
I didn't recieved any SMS with status update after 2 month and tomorrow I should meet appraisal ("shamai").

My case is still in investigation status. It can take time for final result.
The only thing I need is case number that we (I and my insurance agent) will use for courts.

To be continued.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Air filter

Now about air filter.
I showed you original Honda filter already here.

Honda again recommends to replace every 30K.
But how it looks after 15K?

If you were an engine, you don't want to breathe through this shit, right?

So, replace every 15K. It don't have to be original Honda's.
Mann will also perfect and cheap option for $18.

I replaced at 15K, and you?

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Carbon Cabin Filter

This is a review of easily accessible carbon cabin filters for Civic.

Do you know how carbon filter works and why are they better?

Honda tell us to replace filters every 30K. That's too much.
After 15,000 kilometers your original (factory filter) that is of course not any carbon will looks like below. I'm a normal regular driver as most of you, mostly city traffic.

Dust, insects, grass, leaves and more
I guess, they not offer replacement because of overpriced service.
If below carbon filters cost around $10, in Honda it can be all $50.

Open eBay or find somewhere cheap carbon filter and replace it every 15K - that's super easy.
If you lazy, go pay Honda and stop reading this blog :-) Kidding, please continue...

Lynx LAC-517C - Cabin filter (with carbon) - $12.2

Great quality, well made.

Company profile: A registered trademark of Akita Kaihatsu Japan Co. Ltd., LYNXauto manufactures specialized automotive products in Japan. Producing a comprehensive range of auto spare parts, LYNXauto spares are best suited for Japanese, Korean, American and European marques. Launched in 2008, the brand soon earned a trusted reputation in the international automotive industry.

Mitwell MA2764 - Cabin filter carbon - $7.2

Good quality, less carbon than in others.

Company profile: Belgium trademark, mostly doing filters.

Sakura CAC-1610 - Cabin filter (with carbon) - $9.4

Great quality.

UPDATE (2016-04-18)
Recently, I went to replace old used filter to Sakura's and found that Sakura not fit properly.
Don't buy it for Civics!

See below compare with Lynx (bottom) that perfectly fits Civic.

For the reference, I found following filter dimensions:
honda     234 x 225 x 30 mm
sakura    236 x 218 x 29
jakoparts 235 x 224 x 30
bosch     235 x 225 x 30
mann      234 x 224 x 30

Company profile: Sakura filters are manufactured by the ADR Group of Companies, a group that has been providing automotive and industrial parts solution, for the OEM/OES customers, for more than 40 years.


Another theory of carbon filters work, in Russian -
In short... From air friction coal receives a charge. This charge leads to the fact that the carbon particles are attracted to some of the particles. Not all, but those who are ready to react to anyone. Such molecules stimulate mucosa, they cause poisoning and stuff like that.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Airflow flap

How long do you think it takes to switch from outside fresh air to recirculated?
Say, you come to traffic jam after some old diesel truck or van and you know now it will blow out a black cloud of exhaust gases. Do you want to keep air clean in your car by closing outside air hole? If you already see gases that may be late :-)

Watch the video

Cutting outside air - slow, 5 sec. Because actual closing the port by flap is at the end of process.
Opening - super fast, less than 1 sec.

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Option Connector

Note: This image is not from Mk9 Civic
This will be helpful for those who wants to install dash-cam or any other optional equipment in your lovely Honda.

My colleague at work (by the way, he ordered new Civic with Sport spec yay!) sent me the link

Turns out, it's very easy to get 12V, ACC and some other pins on Civic. Thank you Honda!

So... let's describe them:
| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |
| 5 |       | 6 |

1. +12V when reverse gear is engaged, 0V otherwise.
2. A fluctuating voltage which ranges +0.3 < V < +0.8 when ignition is switched, 0V otherwise.
3. +1.3V with sidelights, 0V otherwise.
4. +12V with sidelights, 0V otherwise.
5. +12V constant from battery.
6. +12V switched with ignition, 0V otherwise.

This is how it looks in Mk9 Civic Hatch.
Look for sky-blue connector on left between bottom long horizontal green/white connector and fuses.

Pin #3 is missing
On my Civic pins are a little different.
| 5 | 1 |  1. +12V reverse gear engaged, 0V otherwise
+---+---+  2. empty, missing pin
|   | 2 |  3. +12V ignition on, 0V otherwise
+   +---+  4. +12V sidelights on, 0V otherwise
|   | 3 |  5. +12V key inserted, 0V otherwise
+---+---+  6. +12V constant from battery
| 6 | 4 |

Housing dimensions: 20.36 x 14.12 mm, length 24.08 mm.

Socket dimensions: 2.94 x 2.52 mm.
Approx. pin (male part) wide should be 2.28 mm.

And this is what was connected to it. It's locally installed fog lights harness.
Sticker from connected cable
But, he is a catch.
There is no cheap option on eBay for this piece of plastic. The only option is about $12 - Fuse Box Option Connector for Honda Civic and CR-V. There should be other (read, cheaper) way ;-)

But, people say, we can make similar connector out of regular 8pin 4x2 row.

And I found few cheap ($2-3) similar options that can be trimmed by knife:

If you have a lot of time, help us to find similar here!?q=plug%208%20contacts%202%20rows,17687

Also, if you will ask Honda seller to make preparing for external hands-free system (that are still popular in Israel)

You will get most of pins just below glovebox! (found on forum)

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