Monday, August 8, 2016

MANN filters

According to MANN+HUMMEL site, here in Israel we have at least 2 main distributors of their products.

Representatives + Distributors Near/Middle East, Gulf

Magor Bldg., 5 Ben Horkanus Eliezer St.
71106 LOD
Phone: +972 8 921 8460
Fax: +972 8 921 8461

Comet&Progress Co. Ltd.
41 Yizhak Sade St.
67213 Tel Aviv
Phone: +972 356 181 74
Fax: +972 356 229 26

I was interested in air and cabin filters (link to the table).

Currently more interested in cabin's CU 2358

Especially in fancy FP 2358 (product description, PDF)
FP is FreciousPlus, they has special site about it -
With FreciousPlus, your health has priority
Traps almost 100% of allergens
Reduces the growth of moulds and bacteria by more than 98%
Blocks particulate matter almost completely (PM2.5)

But... both of distributors not work with individuals :-( and redirecting to local part stores, that don't care about what I want and sell cheapest shit. More than that, even if they trying to find filters that you need, and call to importers, they not bringing them at all, only specific models, that they work with.

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