Sunday, July 12, 2015

Honda HDS and J2534 Adapter Clone

HDS is for Honda Vehicle Diagnostics.
To get into your Honda more than popular ELM27, you need this adapter, sometimes called GNA600.

Inside the adapter is cloned version of Drew Tech company tool called Mongoose (worth $500).
We bought it on eBay for about $30 - eBay link.
Clone board visual compare to original can be found here (in Russian).
FT232R is a USB to serial UART interface

Main CPU - NXP LPC2148FBD64
And Honda HDS software that is available on internet (say on torrents).
Latest I had is 3.015.033.
Current version in garages is 3.016.033 (from this Honda's doc) and also I saw this version at them.

Few more links
Honda and Acura Vehicle Diagnostics -
Honda J2534 Reprogramming Software -

Stay tuned, I will show what you can do.
A little spoiler: you can run throttle body adaptation after cleaning in new Civics. In Honda Israel they don't know how to do that :-)

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