Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Multi-Function 50800mAh Car Jump Starter Power Bank

There is a trend for compact jump starters now.
They are able to produce 12V 300A (and 600A at peak) current that is actually enough to start a car with low battery. Yes, this thing is working, I saw few reviews on internet confirming that and also few people told me.

Lot of them on eBay. I bought mine too to check if it's real for ~300 NIS ($75).

Shipment arrived to Israel in 2-3 weeks and about 30 days was missing somewhere in our post.
When it finally arrived (magic!) I checked it's capacity. Does it really have 50800 mAh = 50 Ah??? Really?

But before I opened mine, I saw this video. It's in Russian but just watch it, no need to understand speech. It's explains how bad Chinese cheap power banks are build and why they doesn't meet stated capacity.

So... measured capacity was below 7,000 mAh, but should be 7 times more. Whaaaat?

So I wrote to seller about it. It was some stupid excuses that "it's capacity 50 Ah is for jump starting and not charging" and so on. I opened buyer's protection case and got full refund from eBay support team, seller wanted to refuse.

Turns out, inside is 3 lithium batteries of 5,600 mAh each. Connected in series with total theoretical capacity of 16,800 mAh. But looks like its already degraded to 7,000 mAh in total.

Components was not all that cheap, but soldering quality is nightmare.

That's dual center tap schottky rectifier used to convert AC voltage to output DC connector.

LEDs are cool, you can use it in sort of police car mode, blinking one by one.

I'll try to check it's function as jump starter sometime, but not expect too much.

32,200 km | 1Y 11M