Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Honda Civic Cat

How to fight with thees cats scratching your car painting and causing smelling inside the car?
I know, they are cute. But get the fuck off from my car :-)

Dashcam video 

The question is... How to stop cats from getting over the car? What is your solution?

Update (2015-02-25)
This is how it should be done!
Can't stop laughing :-D

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bumper Scratch final (part 3)

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Bumper Scratch continued (part 2)
Bumper Scratch

24th of September 2014 car appraiser came to me to evaluate damage.

Below is his report.
It's so called "global" or "open" report when he just estimates repair cost based on visual inspection. Normally, he should estimate repair (draft report), approve which parts should be changed, workshop show fix the car and after that appraiser should correct report based on done work.

But "open" report is good for... if you decide not to fix the car, but you need some "paper" for insurance company. That is my case. Bumpers so attractive to asshole drivers and chance that it will be hit again raised by Murphy's law. But we need to get money from Ms. "Oh, I didn't Do That" driver.

Also I have to note that such report cost estimation based on repair cost I got from Honda dealership for replacing bumper. Basically, I went to Honda and asked how much it will cost to fix this consequences.  Now it's not just coloring the bumper and in prev case. Because both bumper components was affected (black part in the middle and outer bumper plastic), the only fix is to replace the whole thing now.
 It says, 1,100 NIS for labor and 2,073+3,436 NIS for parts, plus add 18% VAT to it = 7,799 NIS in total.

So, back to report :-)

This report was sent to my insurance agent and he handle all the case until I got money back.
By the way, appraiser estimated it differently from Honda.
Labor: 950 NIS
Color: 700 NIS
Parts: 3,436 NIS - only outer bumper part.
Total: 5,086 NIS, with 18% VAT: 6,001 NIS
The explanation is like this. You can claim everything possible labor and parts. But, they can argue with you later. So he took golden middle based on his 20+ years experience and choose only this. And, as you will see later, they buy it exactly as we claimed, not less.

Depreciation was estimated as 0.5% of cars value at moment of accident (117,201 NIS) = 586 NIS.

10th of November I got papers from our advocate (he represents us vs their insurance), signed.
And first paycheck was issued 12th Nov 2014, 6 month after accident.

Hooray! Suck it, motherfuckers! I remind that they didn't want to acknowledge that they did this.
5,736 NIS = our 5,036 NIS (w/o VAT estimation) + 700 NIS for appraiser that I paid from my pocket.

The second paycheck was for depreciation. They said a paper asking me to sign that I agree for 450 NIS depreciation compensation instead of 586 NIS. Agent said worthless arguing and we agreed for their proposal.

So, bottom line of the story.
I got 6,186 NIS for that accident. I think that is good resolution for me, not perfect, but okay. Dashcam just done its job right and we made people pay for their mistake. I'm not sure if SHE will pay or her company will get insurance raise for a car. Hope it will be she... Can I dream? :-)

Get dashboard camera guys with parking mode. Not stupid cheapass dashcams from aliexpress but real one that records only if there was sensor buzz. And wish you to avoid such problems.

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Blaupunkt New York 830 firmware upgrade

Bluetooth on New York 830 stopped working.
I decided to upgrade unit it can probably fix it.

Here is how you do that.
First, goto their site http://www.blaupunkt.com/us/support/car-audio/downloads/updates/?suche_id=&suche_name=new+york+830&tx_ddfservicedoku_pi1%5Bview%5D=list&id=136&no_cache=1&formSent=1&L=1#c635

In Israel they install New York 830 World model (1011203821).

But actual firmware files under the link of EU model (1011203820) as you will find.
The latest, as of today Feb 21 2015 is update of 2014-10-20 (backuped at my Dropbox).

Most noticeable changes are besides improvements and bug fixes since June 2013:

  1. show version info in menu
  2. low voltage stable (avoids restarting while starting engine) - this was fucking annoying! you enter the car, radio start playing, you listen music and when you start the engine it was rebooting again!
Modules upgraded as follows:
MPU: v0.04B.2.13 > v1.04
MCU: v2.29 > v2.36
Bluetooth: HW05-SW01.34.00 > HW05-SW01.57.00

 When you perform upgrade, please read attached instructions before. Because there is strict upgrade flow, not as shown on display! This is the correct sequence of modules to upgrade:

3 Bluetooth

For upgrade, you will need SD card in slot where navigation card is inserted on front panel.

Format the card and extract files like said in instructions, put it in, reboot and press open navigation app. You will see this screen.

Remember, the upgrade flow!
Do each one step by step. MCU and MPU upgrades quickly, bluetooth will take 5-10 minutes.

After upgrade you will be able to see software info from menu

You will need to setup your unit again because factory reset was applied. Control from steering wheel also should be re-set.

Update was easy bu it didn't fix my bluetooth issue :-(
And another issue added that I can't delete my phone pairing from connections.

I've contacted Blaupunkt's support. They told to downgrade bluetooth module only with this file.
That helped to remove existing pairings from NY, but not to connect my phone again to NY.

My phone see NY via bluetooth, starting pairing. You can see that NY also get pair code but stuck in the middle and never finishes.

After downgrade and removing pairing, I've upgraded bluetooth only module again to latest 01.57.00 and same issue persist. Support guys told me to visit local repairhsop.

In Israel we got only one Bosch (Bosch owned "bluedot" until 2009) partner called Ledico Ltd.

I haven't time to contact them yet. So it will be continued...

UPDATE (2018-04-11)
Someone asked me for help to get prev version 20131113.
I can't find it, but found new version 20150526 (backup at my Dropbox, 44.2 MB) here https://www.blaupunkt.com/nc/servicesupport/car-multimedia/downloads/geraete-firmware-updates/?uid=6492&tx_ddfservicedoku_pi1[view]=single

The link to ZIP file looks like this
where first is a date, second parameter is a model with extra 001, and date again.

Checked every possible released version (according to changes file) - no luck :-(
SW_20150526 - the only that works (opens) and it is current latest version

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Keyfob battery replacement

Hi there. Yesterday was 4th month birthday of my little son.
That is what keeping me busy :-) But slowly I'm returning to the blog.

I noticed that keyfob working distance became shorter. Looks like it's about time to replace a battery.
You will need CR1616 cell. Great deal I found on eBay from this seller (choose from options there) is maxell 5 pcs set from Spain. maxell has great quality from my experience and if I ever order such batteries, I try to look for maxell. Not because it's also Japan maker :-).
So, I order 5pc set. One for me, others for friends of mine with Civics. It cost about 5 EUR with shipping.

Not, lets open this sucker. One screw only.

It will fall apart into 2 pieces. Use flat screwdriver bit to open further.

Again, 2 more pieces.
Notice rubber sealing for electrical part. So our keyfob is safe from water splashes and maybe quick water drop test also will be passed.

Holly shit, it's like matreshka keyfob, never saw like this before :-)

Final 2 pieces :-)
But thumbs up to Honda for water resistant protection.

So, now you can replace battery. Mine was below 3V, new has ~3.3V. I don't know if it has power regulator inside, but now it works fine, 1 month after, 0.3V was helpful for sure.

Rule of thumb is to replace it after 1 year or year and a half when you open a car twice a day or so.

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