Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rear view camera

My friend now looking for rear view camera to his new civic.
I inspected mine for him.

This is what you get with in "Comfort" model of New Honda Civic.

Chip peace of camera. Look at fitting, teeth fixation, not a nut. Poor cam...

Now take a look how original Honda Camera is looks like if you pay for "Sport" edition.

And this camera connected to I-MID display (top one) originally. And it has guide lines that I'm missing too with cheap version. Don't mess with front camera connected to multimedia at bottom :-)
Image source:

Dimensions of mine camera are (approx) 29 x 29 mm. It pops up for 15 mm above a place (not including inner part).

Now wiring.

Not messy, connected as usual to reverse mode lamp. But without a fuse as normally you should do if connecting ANY accessories, Honda IL idiots.

And it goes to the multimedia via right shoulder fitting.

I tried to find on eBay and AliExpress this item - no luck so far. But it has some rare body.
The only similar cam I found... in Russia! Phantom CA-2301, but it has nut fixing.

Regarding to guide lines.
Take a look again on wires.

Usually camera has 2 wires. Here we have 1 to camera and 3 out: 1 - video signal, 2 power line, 3 -??? it has connector. For what?

I saw few cameras on eBay that has special wires for guide lines and mirroring options like this one.

Need more investigation...

8,000 km | 0Y 6M

Monday, December 2, 2013

Spark plugs

Checked spark plug in 1st cylinder - flying colors!

Marked as NGK IR DILZKR7B11GS.
D - 12mm thread size, hexagon size 18.0mm
I - Irridium electrode
L - Compact type (shorty)
Z - Inductive resistor type
K - Metal Shell Size: 12 ø x 19 mm, 16.0 mm Hex.
R - Resistor type
7 - Heating rate 7 (2 is hot > 13 is cold)
B - Special design feature
11 - Wide gap 1.1mm
G - Unknown feature
S - ???

Torque specs for these  14.6 - 19.7 Nm, I would say ~17 Nm is ok.

Heating rate explained

Owner's manual says 2 models can be used:
NGK and also DENSO DXU22HCR-D11S.

Looks like it is this sweety - tall, slim and thin

Set of 4 plugs cost below $40 on Internet. At Honda... no idea yet :-)

Honda part number is 12290-R41-L01 but it refers to DILZKR7A11GS, probably previous revision.

If I remember right, manual says replace each 90 or 105 Kkm. But I think that's a good idea. Dying plugs can destroy coils. I plan to replace (if car still be with me :-) at 60.

7,850 km | 0Y 5M