Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bank loan papers

With final price I got papers for bank loan recommendation.
They asked which bank I prefer Apoalim or Leumi. They prefer the first one but as I have my account in Leumi Poleg branch, of course I wanted it there to keep and manage everything in one place.

When I was at bank, I saw that agreement between Honda and bank Leumi about loan sum was from 0 to 100% of car cost. So if you have no money for the car, but your payslip looks good for bank, probably they can you all 130K cash in loan if you want it.

With all papers signed and money transferred to Honda account I went back to Honda to return some papers. Now, 10 business days starting to count!

Monday, June 17, 2013

the Contract

Next day I came to sing in the contract.

Color options are

Available in Israel on that time were
(in order top to bottom)
Urban Titanium Metallic - YR-578M
Yellow Topaz Metallic - Y-69M
Milano Red Solid - R-81 (need to wait upto 2nd July)
Polished Metal Metallic - NH-737M
Alabaster Silver Metallic - NH-700M
Deep Ocean Blue Solid

I liked more Urban Titanium and we signed the contract to make everything happend in next two weeks.

And made a first payment.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

the Offer

When I came to Honda shop in Netanya looking for Mk8 Civic 5D, they asked me what budget do I have. I said about 90K NIS. The next phrase was: Get a new one! (...with a credit).

After small talk about Mk9 I asked for test drive and in 5 minutes I was already on driver's seat in one of seller's white hatch. We did a big trip (about 20 minutes) and I returned very curious about the car.

So we sit and talked a bit and they made an offer. 90K i got in cash and the rest I can take 0% loan from my bank. Real zero percent interest.

I went home thinking.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Advice for sellers

A bit of advice for those who selling car.

When I was selling Skoda Fabia, I thought I should order new one before I sell this to be with car all time. But... Reality is that you can get perfect buyer anytime, regardless your plans.

The solution. Sell you can for perfect price and go rent a car for anytime you need. It worth it that way. Take something like Mazda 2 for (100 NIS a day) or Mazda 3 or whatever you can afford and like.

I went to Eldan the same day I sell it and got ne Mazda. But strange thing... After I got Mazda, I was on vacation, I was need to go to Tel Aviv. And on way back I ran into traffic jam near Hertzliya around 16:30 and I was hit in back by another car. By Mazda 2, also from Eldan rent :-) Just 2 hours from moment I got this rental car and just after I sold my Fabia. No incidents few years in a row at all!

Nothing special, just scratches. Eldan on receiving not said a word. Probably happens all the time.

Probably Fabia revenge. Mine karma was bad that day - I sold my baby... But promised to keep an eye on her and be notified if something happened.