Sunday, December 11, 2016

Next oil change comming

1 x Valvoline SynPower 5W-40 (VW 502) = 200 NIS ($52)
3 x Honda ATF = 277 NIS ($72)
1 x Pampers Giant Box = 70 NIS ($18)

50,100 km | 3Y 6M

Saturday, November 12, 2016


12 Nov 2016

Better image but 28 Nov 2016

50,000 km | 3Y 5M

Monday, September 5, 2016

MANN Air and Cabin Filters

As you know, Honda parts are way expensive in Israel.
But if you want good aftermarket like MANN, it's hard to get them officially.

So I contacted Alexander Kuskildin in Czech Republic, that can get parts there and send worldwide.
I worked with him few years back with Skoda, see these posts.
And he replyed to me that he can get them! Awesome!

His prices are (rounded)
$22 - MANN C 24021 air filter
$30 - MANN CUK 2358 cabin filter with activated charcoal
$37 - MANN FP 2358 biofunctional cabin filter
Shipping for a package with tracking under 1 KG (3 filters together) is $24.

And I made the order. Within a week the box waited me at post office.
We split order into 2 to bypass extra fees at customs.

Packaging is above my expectations!

Hello there!

Interesting that cabin filters were made in Czech Republic :-)

And air-filter come from China.

Air filters is not interested, because I've used it once. And it has proper case printing and oiling.
Lets talk about cabin filters.

This is CUK 2358 with activated charcoal.
If you were looking charcoal filters in Israel at stores, it's cost about $75-100. But from EU you can afford it, it's much better than regular filter. I've tested few of these and it's way more clean air than basic not-charcoal filter.

And this is... something new for me. I learned that it's used on premium cars like BMW.
MANN FP 2358 biofunctional cabin filter. I wanna try these puppies too!
MANN have special site for it
May be it's more marketing thing, fancy filter and we will see how it works on my next change.

Filter was sealed, but I can tell that it more thicker than CUK.

And for those who came to this point, here's how to contact Alexander for you orders.
Alexandr Kuskildin (RU) (EN)

47,580 km | 3Y 3M

Monday, August 8, 2016

MANN filters

According to MANN+HUMMEL site, here in Israel we have at least 2 main distributors of their products.

Representatives + Distributors Near/Middle East, Gulf

Magor Bldg., 5 Ben Horkanus Eliezer St.
71106 LOD
Phone: +972 8 921 8460
Fax: +972 8 921 8461

Comet&Progress Co. Ltd.
41 Yizhak Sade St.
67213 Tel Aviv
Phone: +972 356 181 74
Fax: +972 356 229 26

I was interested in air and cabin filters (link to the table).

Currently more interested in cabin's CU 2358

Especially in fancy FP 2358 (product description, PDF)
FP is FreciousPlus, they has special site about it -
With FreciousPlus, your health has priority
Traps almost 100% of allergens
Reduces the growth of moulds and bacteria by more than 98%
Blocks particulate matter almost completely (PM2.5)

But... both of distributors not work with individuals :-( and redirecting to local part stores, that don't care about what I want and sell cheapest shit. More than that, even if they trying to find filters that you need, and call to importers, they not bringing them at all, only specific models, that they work with.

46,900 km | 3Y 2M

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Toyo Proxes CF2 and Wheel Alignment

New tires and wheels alignment.
3 years passed. Even that overall visual condition was okay, i felt more and more drift sound on turns - a sign for dry tires for me.

Options were (per tyre):
Goodyear EfficientGrip - 340 NIS
Falken ZE914 - 371 NIS
Hankook K107 - 494 NIS
Michelin Primacy 3 - 400 NIS
Toyo Proxes CF2 - 387 NIS
Continental ContiPremiumContact 2 - 455 NIS (as original were)

I chose Toyo. I wanted Michelin, as my few friends bought it and was happy.
Looked into reviews and Toyo were better so I decided to try it, so we later can compare.

Right after changing boots, I asked to do wheel alignment check.
Basically all is good with slight front alignment. Rear has no (official) way to fix camber, so left as is.

Everything was done at CheckUp, where I did it for Skoda Fabia few years back...

46,548 km | 3Y 1M